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name: renel
age: 18
sex: stud
aim: th3abstractone, zorrokusaki

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Friday, August 15, 2003
little tokyo is cool. chinatown is dirty. LA is hot. tonkatsu rules. amoeba music is huge. less is more? yeah right.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003
call me a loser... >the end.<

... but i cant wait for school. summer's promises have already dissipated. school just makes me feel more productive. not just some slob rotting away infront of the television or computer. not that theres anything wrong with that for a certain amount of time. ive just grown tired of its inherent inevitable staleness. deal with it.

my hair's pretty wicked right now. but for some reason the idea of getting a haircut has slipped into a subconcious favoring. perhaps something a little more stylish. i dont mind the long uncombed rugged look and neither do the ladies mind you. well i dont know. i guess im always unsatisfied with my hair. nothing has ever been good enough. maybe im just not patient enough. perfection takes time. bleh. fuck vanity. pysch.

got books yesterday. further feeding the anticipation of college's return. but summer's not over is it? theres still so much that i must do. haha. i must? yeah right.

skateboarding is fun. but im getting pretty fucking pissed. and tired. must be gettin old. im saving up for a rick mckrank board. i think.

catch phrase count: 5?

listening to: franklin for short - andalusia

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

"don't touch the hair"

apr. 17


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